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January 30, 2019
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Apart from compliance with Jewish kashrut laws, there are plenty of reasons why people seek out Kosher-certified CBD products. Only about 20% of kosher consumers are actually Jewish — the rest are folks of many different religious convictions (Muslims, Seventh Day Adventists, among others), dietary preferences (vegans, vegetarians) and dietary restrictions (from Celiac’s to lactose-intolerance). 

In the context of food, kosher means “fit” or “proper,” according to the tenets outlined in the Torah. More broadly, the word kosher has become somewhat synonymous with “cleanliness” and “purity.” Regardless of religious belief (or lack thereof), we tend to associate kosher certification with quality and scrupulous processing methods. While the bottom line is religious compliance, kosher certification carries with it a number of auxiliary hygienic benefits — and peace of mind– to mindful consumers of all backgrounds. 

The importance of purity

Clean CBD oil starts with clean soil. With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill and the recent surge of industrial hemp-based product lines, the concern for purity is sky-high. That’s because hemp is what is known as a “bioaccumulator,” meaning that the plant can absorb heavy metals, contaminants and toxins from the ground it grows in. Unfortunately, a lot of the CBD that’s circulating on the market is unregulated, untested and potentially contaminated. That’s why it’s critically important that we only use hemp sourced from trusted family farms, and why we get our final product tested for impurities by an approved third-party lab.

The certification process

Kosher certification takes the purity of Greenhouse products a few steps further than USDA standards. It involves taking note of every single ingredient in the facility, as well as a thorough inspection by a Rabbi. To be certified, it’s essential to ensure absolute cleanliness and compliance at every step of production: all raw ingredients that come into the facility (that includes the raw hemp material, flavoring agents, and MCT oil) and all materials and equipment used in extraction, processing, and packaging need to adhere to the strict rules laid out by Jewish law. That applies to solvents and chemicals, too. So unless they’re also certified kosher (which most are not), we don’t use them. Period! 

We’re proud of our Kosher certification. It means that our process is free of contaminants– from the seed to the bottle. Since we’re also vegan, you can rest assured our CBD oil is suitable for just about any diet. 

If you’d like to learn more about our partner, Kentucky Kosher, click here. To learn more about Kosher rules and kashrut, check out this primer by OU Kosher.


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