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Delivery Times – A wholesales account enables you to order large quantities of our products at one time, so the delivery times differ from regular retail orders.  It may take up to 14 business days to process and deliver your order. If any products are out of stock, we will provide specifics on the delivery timeline.  Orders only ship after we have received full payment.

Local State Laws – Please check your local state laws and ensure that you have the appropriate business licenses to carry our products. We are not responsible for purchase errors and we are unable to give you legal counsel on your local market.

Marketing Materials – We do not supply free marketing materials.  However, you can order Greenhouse Bliss Apparel, Merchandise, and Marketing Materials by emailing [email protected]

Refunds – We do not offer refunds on wholesale purchases. All wholesale purchases are FINAL SALE.  No refunds are permitted.

Minimum Advertised Price – As a wholesale partner, you are required to sell all Greenhouse Bliss products at our minimum advertised price.  Wholesalers who undercut in pricing will immediately be terminated from the program and will not be able to reorder.

Minimum wholesale orders are $1000. Credit card payment is required for orders under $2500.

We also require a resale certificate to approve your wholesale account.