Kosher Certified CBD Oil

What is Kosher CBD oil?

Our kosher CBD oil has been certified by Kentucky Kosher.

In order to receive Kosher certification our raw ingredients, products that leave our facility, and our processing methods must be certified kosher.

Our production facility has been personally inspected by Kentucky Kosher, as have our raw CBD oil ingredients and final products. Kentucky Kosher is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of kosher law as well as the integrity of  kosher food manufacturers.

New to Kosher?

A complete explanation and list of kosher and non-kosher foods is quite complex. If you’d like to learn more, U Kosher provides a great Primer on what it means to consume a kosher diet, how the idea of kosher has evolved, and how it applies to the majority of common food groups.

Why choose Kosher CBD oil?

At Greenhouse Bliss, diversity and inclusion are important to us. We appreciate the diversity of our customers, and the differences that make them special.  Most CBD companies do not provide Kosher options, so we feel this is an important contribution for our business. Kosher CBD products allow you to take advantage of the healthy benefits offered by cannabidiol without violating dietary preferences or religious statutes.

Questions about the Kosher certification process?

The Kentucky Kosher FAQ explains the certification process in more detail.

If you have additional questions about our products and Kosher certification we are happy to answer them; just contact us!