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Founder of Greenhouse Bliss

Located in Georgia, we are a woman-owned business delivering quality, tested and pure CBD products discreetly to your front door. Greenhouse Bliss is made from legal, industrial hemp-derived cannabidiol or CBD grown on local US farms. We take pride in supporting family owned farms and local manufacturers to bring you the best CBD products on the market. For your mind, body, and furry best friend - our products are produced safely in a FDA registered & inspected Food-Grade facility. Our products are Vegan, Kosher certified, and Non GMO. They are tested by 3rd party agencies for safety & quality; and they are high in CBD, low in THC to ensure you get the best of our greenhouse effect. Whether you’re the family provider, a student on the go, a career athlete, enjoying retirement, or one of our hometown veteran heros, we have products specifically for you. Live a blissful life. Welcome to the Greenhouse.

The founding of Greenhouse Bliss

It was August, and I will never forget this day. I was a corporate exec, managing a nice size team. I was at work in another state, closing out my meetings for the day. It was coming up on 3pm and my boss asked to move up our 1:1. When I got there I noted that he had another guest at his table. It was our HR business partner. That should have raised my internal alarm.

So I walked into his office, and the tornado quickly hit. My team was being restructured and moved to another part of the business. I was living between two states, balancing family and work, and I couldn’t work out of my home office full-time. It was time for another transition. I had to leave a company I had really grown to love.

Change is never easy, but sometimes change forces you to examine another path. It’s all a part of God’s plan my daughter told me. That’s when I started considering self-employment. It was risky, and capital is king. It also takes time to grow a business, but I’d be my own boss. I did a bit of research and eCommerce was the new big thing. I only had to find my niche. Then, here comes Aunt Vivian.

When people ask how I got into the Hemp industry, I respond with two words. Aunt Vivian. My sixty-nine year old aunt, basically laid my business in my lap. She is retired and lives in Florida, so we keep in touch via our weekly calls. Aunt Vivian has bad arthritis. During one of our chats, she told me about this oil she’d received to help her pain. It was called CBD, and according to Aunt Vivian, it was her miracle oil.

She insisted that I research CBD and look into the business. Minutes after our call I immediately began searching the web and reading various articles. Aunt Vivian was definitely on to something. CBD was the new wellness “must have,” and I had found my perfect niche. I had to start a business with a product I believed and loved. CBD was IT!

Within four months of leaving my job, I did a deep dive into the industry. I studied day and night to learn the business. Then I hired an awesome manufacturer to supply my products, and focused on our plans for launch. I was all in, and Greenhouse Bliss was the chosen name that described us well. The rest was history. After some expos and partner events, I sorta fell into the nickname, the Georgia Green Queen. Or as my friends in the industry say, the name chose me.

As a cancer survivor, former athlete, and single mom, I’m not afraid to say that pain, anxiety, and insomnia are sometimes a challenge. My body has changed and it’s not like it used to be. I don’t heal from injuries as well. The stresses of running a business and managing a household sometimes affect my rest. But – like our customers, I’ve found my relief in our products, and the benefits they provide. Everything we make has been tested for quality and safety. Even the flavors we use (that change to provide variety) were made with you in mind.

We also consider the diversity of our customers and take pride in our Community Support program that helps those in need. In my corporate career I spent many years working with diverse segments, and I didn’t want to leave that behind. So if you’re a veteran, disabled, or a cancer patient, you may receive a discount on our products. And if we sell it – we use it - because what’s good for our customers, is good for us too. Everyone deserves a little bliss.

Greenhouse Bliss is a brand for the people, and we cater to different needs. Whether you’re a working mom, a professional athlete, a thriving student, a corporate suit on the go, or a hometown hero returning from service, Greenhouse Bliss is your trusted source for quality CBD. So that’s our story friends. That’s how it all began, and how this journey led me to you. We are truly thankful for our customers and the new ones to come. We look forward to providing you with an awesome product you’ll love. Read and do your research, and buy from a company you can trust. We are Greenhouse Bliss – kosher certified, vegan, non-GMO, and pesticide free, made in a FDA registered food grade facility because you deserve the very best in CBD.

Thank you for visiting. Look out for more stories from my awesome journey in Hemp. Chat soon!


Founder of Greenhouse Bliss

Georgia Green Queen